Vehicle Wraps

A flawless finish for over 22 years...

We have a number of full body wraps available that:

Keep vehicles looking new for longer.
Protect against light scratching and chips from stones on the road with a full body, clear vinyl wrap. Large rolls of clear
vinyl are used to cover the entire vehicle body, or just desired panels.

Give a fresh new look without a respray.
Whether it’s a full body wrap, the roof, a damaged panel, or just the wing mirrors, a coloured vinyl wrap is much
cheaper than a respray. It not only protects your original paint work, but gives your car, van or bike a fresh new look.

You have more options than a respray too, with pearlescent and matte finishes.

Make business vehicles work harder.
A great investment considering the price of local print and radio advertising. Our branded vehicle wraps give your
business visibility wherever you travel, without the regular media spend.

Like our other wraps we use bigger vinyl roles from specialist suppliers to give you the flawless finish we are known
for, with no join marks on the body.

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